Indoor self-tanning lotion review


The indoor self-tanning lotion is made from sunflower seeds, aloe Vera, Dihydroxyacetone, fragrance, water and Rosa canina seed extracts. This self-tanner produces a natural darker shade of bronze tan which is far much better compared with the tan from the sun. Below is indoor self-tanning lotion review.


The indoor self-tanning lotion comes out of the tube as tan colored. This self-tanner feels smooth and light. The product is easy to apply due to its consistency and it feels great on the skin.

The smell

The self-tanning lotion is the best smelling self-tanner I have ever tried. The smell is like coconut which makes it my all-time favorite scent. The next day before I showered I could still smell a trace of the self-tanner. I didn’t smell any of DHA smell throughout the process which is a huge plus for this particular self-tanning lotion.

Product application

This self-tanning lotion is extremely easy to apply due to its consistency. These product absorbs quickly and isn’t messy. It contains a slight tint but not much to stain your clothes. I really loved the fact that I didn’t have to use a whole lot of this self-tanner to cover my body. I used very less amount of the product which means that the 4.1oz tube will last for 5-6 weeks. I was so happy with the product and I can’t stop using it anytime soon.

How long it lasts

I have used a long list of self-tanners but none lasted for many days as this one. This self-tanning lotion lasted for 6-7 days which was so amazing. The self-tanner faded absolutely well over the first 4-5 days but a got spotty area towards days 6 and 7.This is pretty normal for any good self-tanner that lasts for more than two days. I am so in love with this product and I highly recommend it for a better you.

How long it takes to dry

As far as drying time is concerned this self-tanning lotion is the best. This product dries as quickly as your normal body lotion. When the self-tanning lotion had completely dried I didn’t feel sticky at all instead my skin felt smooth and moisturized. The tint in this product is light thus it dried faster and I didn’t see any of it rubbing off on my sheets. The self-tanner left me feeling so relaxed, fresh and confident.

Color produced

I loved the color I got from this self-tanning lotion since it was really gorgeous. The tan was deep, smooth and natural looking shade of bronze. I didn’t see any streak and my skin felt really smooth may be because of the cosmeceuticals in there. This really boosted my self- esteem and I loved the sun-kissed look I got.

Ok for men?

Absolutely, this indoor self-tanning lotion is nice for men. This self-tanner smells good, dries quickly and doesn’t need to be applied often. I think guys could apply this just once or twice a week and get a very good looking tan.


The self-tanner costs $ 22.84 for the 4.1oz tube. Since this self-tanner works so well and also long lasting I think that price is consistent. The self-tanner is available for sale on online marketplace like


The self-tanning lotion works really well that it’s hard to find anything I didn’t like about it. Since its more professional grade product, it could stain your hand that’s why I think it’s important to use a tanning mitt or gloves. I highly recommend this product to all those who are looking for a natural looking tan.


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