Earth by beauty self-tanning lotion review


Earth by beauty self-tanner is all natural. This is because it’s made from natural ingredients like aloe Vera, coconut seed oil, Shea butter, glycerin and green tea leaf extract. This product really impressed as it smells sweet and it blended into my skin easily. Here is y review after using earth by beauty self-tanning lotion.

Look and feel

Earth by beauty self-tanner is a very thick white lotion. It doesn’t have a color guide in it and it has sunscreen consistency. It’s easy to apply just like your normal body lotion.

How it smells

This self-tanner had a very light smell. It smells like coconut and I really enjoyed the scent. The best thing is that I didn’t smell any DHA but I wish the smell was a bit stronger. The next day after taking a shower the coconut smell was gone but I didn’t smell any DHA which was nice. I felt so fresh and confident since there was no any DHA sour smell on my skin.

Color produced

After taking a shower I had a very natural medium tan. I was extremely pleased with the color since it was not dark but it was looking light to medium shade. There was no orange color and I didn’t feel any streaky which is a huge plus was! I was impressed with color but I would have loved it more if it was one shade darker. Those looking for a light to medium tan will really like the results. I would definitely use this self-tanner again very soon. The color was so even making me feel so confident.


The application process for this self-tanner was not easy as it took forever to blend in. It was like rubbing a white sunscreen all over my body for 10 minutes then it started to soak into my skin. There was no a color guide to worry about and this makes the application clean. I was a bit disappointed with the application that’s why I couldn’t rank this lotion higher.

Drying time

After I was able to blend in the self-tanner it took 15 minutes only to dry which was okay with me. I expected the product to take longer to dry since it was so hard to blend it in. I was pleasantly surprised it took 15 minutes only and it was completely dry. I did not feel any wet or sticky as it dried.

How long it lasts

After about 4 days my tan faded very nicely and it did not look patchy at all. I really recommend this self-tanner to guys looking for a subtle tan.

Where to buy

Earth by beauty self-tanner goes for $2.97 per ounce which is way below average. I couldn’t mind if the price was a bit higher since the results were worthwhile. The self-tanner is available for sale on the online marketplace like Amazon.


I was really impressed by the color produced and I will use this self-tanner more frequently. The product is affordable for all those who are looking for a natural even tan. Earth by beauty self-tanning lotion caused no skin irritation meaning it can be used by allergic people since it smells really sweet.

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