The self-tanning body tinted lotion review


The self-tanning body lotion is just what many people yearn for. This product is easy to apply, smells nice and produces pretty nice bronze color. Self-tanning body tinted lotion is made from ingredients such as Glycerol stearate, trioxane, dimethicone, water, and dihydroxyacetone. Below is a sincere review was written after using the self-tanning body tinted lotion.


The lotion comes out of the tube as a very thin and light-feeling lotion. This self-tanning lotion is light tan in color and a slight of shimmer added to it which makes nice especially for ladies. The lotion is easy to apply saving your time and energy.

Product application

The self-tanning body tinted lotion is pretty easy to apply. This is because of the self-tanner light consistency and the light color of the guide. A guide is added to many self-tanners that allow you to see where you have applied the product to avoid missing any spot. The tanning lotion goes on easily and smoothly thus it blends into the skin very easily. I really liked the self-tanner and if you looking for a self-tanning lotion that is easy to apply this one is the best.


The self-tanning body tinted lotion has a tropical citrus smell. The smell seemed a little strong but after I applied the product I liked the smell. After the lotion dried the smell was so pleasant and the next day there was no smell at all. This product can be used for the scent sensitive people since the smell is not strong but nice.

Color produced

Self-tanning lotion produced a very nice bronze color. I feel that most people will appreciate the color especially the light skinned. I was really comfortable with the color but if you looking for the darker tan you will need to apply the product more than once. The self-tanning color was so even and I did not notice any orange color or streaking.

Drying time

Due to the products light consistency, it dries extremely fast. It took the tanning lotion about 30 minutes after application to dry completely. The tanning lotion did not stain our clothes or sheets which were a major plus. I highly recommend this self-tanner since it can be used any time of the day, unlike many self-tanners that can be applied only at night.

How long it lasts

The tanning lotion lasted longer than many self-tanners I have tried. This product started fading after 4 days which was very smooth and even. The lotion was completely gone after about 7 days which is a huge plus to this product. As the tanning lotion faded I did not notice any splotches as you see with other self-tanners. This product is worth trying out for a sun-kissed tan.


This tanning lotion costs $22 for a 4.2-ounce tube. This is not bad considering how well the product works. This self-tanner is available for buying on online marketplaces.


This self-tanning lotion is great for that glossy look you have been wishing for. This product causes no skin reactions or infections thus safe for use by even the allergic people. I highly recommend this self-tanner for worthwhile results.

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