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The wide selection of tanners available out there makes it quite difficult for the average consumer to select the best one. Our site is a buyer’s guide that offers helpful information on tanning products and lotions in the market. So if you’re looking to learn more about tanning, we provide you with pro resources, including top content, and secret guides.

Champions of Healthy and Organic

Tanning Lotion-Review actively reviews tanners in the market, as well as produce tanning-related information. However, we do a lot more than that. We promote safer and healthier tanning practices. The American Cancer Society estimates that millions of Americans suffer from skin cancer annually. A percentage of these people get cancer as a result of exposing their skin to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. We are steadfast in our attempts to discredit unsafe tanning practices.

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If you’re looking to share your insights and knowledge about tanning, we are more than glad to let you. The sole purpose of this goal is to educate the community. Anything that you can furnish us with to contribute to that noble goal is more than appreciated. So we invite you to share our posts on social media, as well as comment your thoughts. You could also simply send us a short message just to say Hi!