Natural self-tanner review


Natural self-tanner is made from all natural ingredients like cocoa seed butter, avocado oil, olive fruit oil, dihydroxyacetone and Shea butter. It’s so easy to apply and dries really fast. The self-tanner has a good texture making it easy to blend in. It can be used by many people since it’s affordable and it produces an even natural looking tan that many yearn for.

Look and feel

The natural self-tanner comes as a white creamy lotion. It has a nice texture but does not have a guide in it. You pay more attention when applying it to avoid having patchy areas.


This self-tanner has a very strong floral scent which is better than smelling the DHA.I really liked the smell but they need to turn it down a little for those people who are allergic to the strong smell. The next day after taking a shower I could still smell a hint of floral on my body. I was happy the smell was muted a little and this time it smelled pretty nice.


Applying the natural self-tanner is very easy since you apply it just like your ordinary body lotion. The lotion has a nice consistency thus blending nicely into your skin. The tanning lotion does not have a guide so you do not have worry about staining which was awesome. You can choose to use a tanning mitt for the safety of your hands but I didn’t use and my hands were okay.

Color produced

I applied the natural self-tanning lotion once and I had a very smooth dark shade. The tan looked so natural and sun-kissed which I was very glad about. I had a splotchy are on my leg which I missed applying probably because I didn’t have a guide. If you not that used to applying the self-tanner or you doing it for the first time you should be extra careful with this one. I loved the color but I would have liked it more if it was one shade darker. I will definitely use this again to get that sun-kissed glow I got.

How long it takes to dry

As long as drying time is concerned it was pretty nice. It took the self-tanner 20-25 minutes to dry. I didn’t feel any wet while waiting for it to dry which was a huge plus for the product. I think men can use this one since it’s convenient to apply and dries fast.

How long it lasts

The tan I got from this self-tanner didn’t last for long. It faded after 2-3 days which I found a bit disappointing. You will need to apply the self-tanner weekly to maintain the tan which is expensive.

Where to buy

The natural self-tanner goes for $3.33per ounce which below averages making the product very affordable. This product is available for purchase in all online marketplaces.


This self-tanner can be used by any person even those who are allergic since it contains no chemicals. The product is very cheap thus affordable to all those who are willing to use it. It gives nice end results which are worth the price and all the hustle. I recommend this self-tanner to all those people looking for a sexy glow.