The bronze self-tan review


The bronze self-tan lotion is made from ingredients such as dihydroxyacetone, fragrance, water, Glycerin, coco-Caprylate. This self-tanner smells great thus it can be used by those who are scent-sensitive. Bronze self-tanner produces a medium-colored shade of bronze which looks very natural. Here is a review after using bronze self-tanning lotion.

Product application

Bronze self-tan is very easy to apply compared to other self-tanners. This because the self-tanner is a light lotion versus being very thick. The bronze self-tan blend easily into your skin and it feels much better when you have covered the entire body with it. This self-tanner has a slight tint to it thus you can see where you are applying it.

The look and feel

The bronze self-tan comes out of the bottle as a pretty light tan colored lotion. The self-tanner has a floral smell and it feels lightweight. This makes it easier to apply and blend into the skin.

Drying time

The bronze self-tanner dries really quickly just like your normal body lotion. As it dried I didn’t feel any sticky or wet. Bronze self-tanner does not stain your clothes or sheets. This was a major plus compared to other self-tanners.  This self-tanner dries so evenly leaving you feeling so relaxed and confident.

The smell

Bronzer self-tan has a very floral noticeable smell. This is because most ingredients used to make this self-tanner are from plants and flower extracts. I really liked the smell of this self-tanner, but I am sure there are people who will find it too much. After taking a shower the self-tanner continued to smell nice. This was a huge plus to this self-tanner and I advise those searching for a self-tanning lotion to try it out. Special note for guys out there looking for a self-tanner, this is probably not okay for them. This is because the self-tanner smells very floral and girly.

Color produced

The bronze self-tan produced a pretty nice tan especially for those looking for a medium -colored tan. I really loved the color and I will be using this self-tanner quite often. I highly recommend bronze self-tanner for the sun kissed tan.

How long it takes

The bronze self-tan lasted for 3-4 days which was much okay with me. As this self-tanner, it was a little patchy which I didn’t like.


The bronze self-tan lotion goes for $5.50 per ounce which is above average. I think the price is worthwhile since the end results are satisfying. This self-tanner is available for buying on online marketplaces.


Bronze self-tanning lotion works well for many people because of its smell and thickness. This self-tanner does not cause any skin allergies or reactions thus making it safe for use by all those who are searching for a self-tanner.