Self-tanning lotion review


This self-tanning lotion is made from all natural ingredients like apricot oil, glyceryl stearate, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, Sorbian stearate, and dihydroxyacetone. The self-tanner dries really fast and it’s so easy to apply. This self-tanner works best for those looking a light tan. Here is my sincere review after using the self-tanner.


I recommend using a tanning mitt when applying this self-tanner to make the entire process easy and enjoyable. The tanning mitt will prevent the self-tanner getting messy since the product is very liquidy. The self-tanner comes with a guide in it which is super dark so it might stain your hands. This guide helps you see where you are applying the lotion to avoid getting the uneven tan. The self-tanner blends in very easily but dealing with a runny product can be hectic to many people.


The self-tanner is a very thin dark lotion and it’s on the watery side. The application of this self-tanner can be very messy due to its consistency that’s why it comes with a tanning mitt. It also comes with a very dark guide which is rich brown in color.


The self-tanner has a very strong smell which to me appeared like that of DHA. The next day I smelled the sour smell which got stronger as my tan developed. This was a huge minus for this product since it can’t be used by those people who are allergic to smell.

Drying time

As long as drying time is concerned this one was pretty average. It dried within 30 minutes after application and I was able to put on my clothes without worrying about staining. I didn’t feel sticky as it dried. After it completely dried my skin felt smooth and soft.

Color produced

The self-tanner produced a very light tan which is sure those looking for a light tan will love. I was a little bit disappointed with the color since I woke up feeling pale as I was the day before. If you looking for a dark tan you will need to apply this self-tanner a few days in a row to achieve the tan.

How long it last

Since the tan I got was too light, I would say it lasted for one day.

Ok for men

No. I don’t think men would love this one.


The self-tanner goes for $5.25 per ounce which is very high than average considering the results produced. The self-tanner is available for purchase on online marketplaces like Amazon.


I recommend this self-tanner to those who want a light tan. This is because the color produced is too light for those looking for a darker shade. You can buy this self-tanner for your face a very beautiful looking even tan.